Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Morning ramblings

The sun is shining, the sky is blue -- it's enough to make me want to get out into the backyard to do some spring planting.  And then I remember that the soil is solid clay that makes digging a hole to plant anything so hard and miserable that I want to cry.  So maybe I won't do that today.

Waffles or pancakes this morning?  The sunday morning breakfast ritual is in swing and today is waffles.  With bacon.  And real maple syrup.  Perfect. 

I woke up early, or so I thought, and enjoyed an hour on the living room couch, sitting in a patch of sunlight and enjoying my coffee and reading on the beloved Kindle, when I realized that it was move-the-clocks-forward last night.  So I wasn't early after all.  But I still enjoyed the quiet and sunshine.  

We're thinking about a trip to the zoo tomorrow... a homeschooling field trip!  Watch -- it'll be rainy.

The middle finger of my left hand is chewed up and sore because I've been doing some needle-turn applique and hand-quilting (gasp!) for an assignment in the City and Guilds course.  My tender, machine-operating fingers aren't used to getting poked, especially that finger that sits underneath the fabric and pushes the needle back in.  Maybe I'm not doing it right, or maybe I need another thimble for that finger.  But sore finger aside, I'm surprised at how much I've enjoyed the hand-sewing.

We watched "The Informant" last night, starting Matt Damon.  Definitely entertaining.  We were going to watch The Hurt Locker but couldn't handle the drama.

Big thoughts going on here, eh?!  Hope your Sunday is full of pleasant little surprises!


  1. I used to do a lot of hand-quilting. You develop a callous on that underneath finger over time. Hard-core hand-quilters wear their callouses like badges of honor.

    Your Sunday sounds lovely. Enjoy.

  2. I was going to say the same thing that Terry said. You need to feel the needle come through the fabric to know when to guide it back up and through to complete the stitch. With a bit more experience you won't prick your finger each time, just kind of lightly poke it.