Sunday, June 12, 2005

How cute is this puppy?

How could anyone resist this puppy?

I couldn't. We're meeting her tomorrow, with the view of adopting her from a local puppy rescue organization.

We've been thinking, for some time, of getting a puppy. More specifically, I've been clearly eager to do this for some time, and I've finally persuaded Roger that it's time. After all, it's the beginning of the summer, we're all home to take care of it, and Caroline is here to enjoy playing with it.

So, I've been poking around the animal shelter and dog rescue sites on the internet for some weeks now. Roger and I both like the idea of a mixed breed, depending on the mix, and we definitely want to give some homeless dog a happy home.

This cute little girl is a 4 month old black lab mix living in a puppy-rescuer's foster home. She is, by all accounts, accustomed to cats (which will be good news to our two young-adult indoor cats) and loves children and is very mellow.

So, she's getting microchipped at our local shelter tomorrow and then we'll meet her. This could be the next member of our family! I'm very excited.


  1. You are just full of surprises, aren't you⁄?

  2. ho are in for a ride..have you had a puppy in your house before? ..they are alor of fun but also ALOT of work..I think it really great though that you are choosing a puppy that needs a home...good takes about 3 years before they are human..ha ha Ginger

  3. Oh, she is adorable. You will all be as happy as can be together! Any mess is worth the unconditional love.

  4. She appears to be a sweety!! Who can resist a lab puppy?? Not I.

    She is four months old, so she should be basically housetrained. But there will be accidents. And LOTS of chewing adventures.

    Don't know how she's been trained so far, but I STRONGLY suggest getting her a crate and using it often. (keeping her in it when you are not home and at night).

    Find your local dog park and scope out it's friendliness. Stop by a bookstore and pick up the California Dog Owners book... I forget it's real title and can't find mine at the moment... but it tells you EVERYWHERE to go with your pooch, and all the treats to look forward to.

  5. She's soooo cute!! And lab mixes are usually super sweet-natured. I love puppies.

    (But like Debra said...put anything you don't want chewed to pieces out of puppy-reach!)

  6. Oh I'm feeling weepy. That puppy looks so much like our late beloved Isaac. He had a white patch on his chest too. Lab mixes are THE BEST! What's her name?!