Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Still LIfe with Puppy

There's no picture, because there's no such thing as a STILL life with a puppy around. (Get it? Harhar.)

I'm pooped. Walks twice a day, racing around on the lawn, playing fetch, not to mention following her around to make sure she goes potty in the designated potty area of the yard, and doesn't carry things like shoes that certain children and husbands left lying around.... I'm thinking that this could lead to a book called "The Puppy Diet." Who needs a gym?!


  1. giggles...

    Puppies are fun, but so much work! when you need a break, remember puppies napping in their cages cannot be chewing your shoes.

  2. Hey, Diane,

    Looks like I will be able to make to the Pointless Sisters this next Tuesday. Will you be there? Should I be bringing that Peony??