Monday, July 18, 2005

In color...and more color

Here are the promised pictures from the workshop with Karen Stone. Karen is a delightful woman and excellent teacher. She's charming and funny, self-deprecating about her artistry, encouraging with students. I highly recommend a workshop with her.

I mentioned that Karen likes to spread her quilts out on the floor and talk about how they evolved. It's easy to get up close and personal sitting around a quilt, and you see good details that way. Here she is, telling us about how she made "Lady Libery Goes to Hawaii."

Here's another shot from the discussion part. I forget what this quilt was called, but it was astonishing in person. Great fun! It features wacky stars and spirals fused onto a pieced background, then wildy embellished. The border was a sort of "boa" effect made from bits of yarn and ribbon stitched on loosely.

Here's a close up section of Karen's Cinco de Mayo. (It's featured in her book and is on the cover.) Again, it's amazing in person--great color and intricate quilting in wild, fun designs.

Here are the two blocks I made in the workshop:

I was working with batiks, mainly, and plan to put some white and black in each block. Note how I broke out of my usual color palette and chose a restrained, soft, sophisticated look. *SNORT*

As in many workshops, it was especially fun to see the color choices others made. Here is an assortment of the wonderful work done by others in the workshop:


  1. Your blocks are fabulous - very bright and fun. hurrah for piecing. I envy you your class with Karen Stone, but how do you like her book? Is it as helpful, colorful and entertaining?

  2. Love the blocks you made in class. Incredible colors.

  3. I will probably (knock wood) never make any of these blocks because I detest paper-piecing so much, but it sure is fun to see the ones other people make! They turned out beautifully.

  4. Ditto what DebR said, but you already know that!!

  5. thanks for sharing these photos I have really enjoyed reading and seeing,