Monday, July 04, 2005

Ring Around the Web Ring

I'm pleased to announce that the Artful Quilters Web Ring currently has 83 members! Can you believe it's grown so fast? I think we'll have to have a virtual blog ring party when we hit 100 strong. I'll bring the champagne!

As I was cruising through the ring this morning, I was struck again about what an interesting and diverse group of talented women (no men, yet) on this ring. I so enjoy reading about your work and your lives. I really love how we're able to communicate with each other, share our work, vent about our frustrations, show our occasionally tidy work areas (and delight in the messy ones)... You all are a great source of entertainment and inspiration to me.

Although I read blogs on the ring daily, it's only occasionally that I take the time to work through the whole ring. When I do, I confess it's for the "businessy" reason of making sure that everyone's code is okay and the ring is working right. I'd appreciate it if from time to time, each of you would do this simple task: Check the "list" of the ring members (from the "list" button on the ring box), and see whose blogs are supposed to be before and after yours. Then, hit the "next" and the "previous" buttons on your own blog page to make sure that your code is taking you to the right blogs!

As you all read through the ring, please email me if you find any blog that doesn't have the code or isn't working right. Also, you should feel free to email that blogger directly to politely encourage her to fix her template. Sometimes, we make changes to the blog (or, inexplicably, the blog host software changes) and the blog owner isn't even aware of the problem.

Thanks, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Not much of anything working now. I can't even sign in to my blog and despite messages to
    Blogger, can't find out why.

    Rather than mess up the ring, maybe you should delete me until I can find out what is going on.