Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sushi, anyone?

Last night I surprised Roger with a Mystery Date Night. He kept guessing our destination as I drove down to Santa Rosa. "A movie?" "Nope." "A play? A concert?" "Nope." "Dinner out?" "Sorta."

We pulled into the parking lot of our brand new, gorgeous cooking store "Sur La Table" and he was still confused, so I revealed the surprise to him then: I'd signed us up for an evening cooking class on making sushi!

He was pleased and surprised and, most importantly, willing. And we had a grand time. We learned a lot about sushi ingredients and tools...Did you know, for instance, that the soy sauce you dip sushi into is very different from the kind you use for cooking? And we made a TON of sushi. We ate throughout the class, and still everyone had a plate of sushi to take home! I was wishing I'd brought my camera to record the fun, and then figured I'd take a picture of my artfully arranged plate of sushi when I got it home. But I turned my back to wash my hands at the end of class, and the guy next to us accidentally took MY foil-covered plate instead of his own! Rats!

But trust me, it looked a lot like this:

Really! We made sashimi and maki, the rolls... and learned how to keep that sticky rice from sticking to your hands as you rolled everything. It was great fun.

Although, having stood all evening doing that, Roger and I agreed that we won't be rushing out anytime soon to buy stuff for at-home sushi making. We will, however, be more appreciative when we sit at the sushi bar and watch the chef!


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I have the supplies - even the special rice. So I will loan you these in trade for the loan of your dyeing supplies!!