Tuesday, August 23, 2005

An anti-rant

I have nothing against political rants. Like many others, I'm thoroughly distressed with our president (I can't even bear to listen to him) and political matters and the position of the US in the world, andI understand the inclination to rant about it all.

But because I'm so distressed and stressed about the condition of things at the moment (you know, the world, our country, my state, my local community, my daughter's school...things like that) ranting just makes me feel more stressed.

That's why today I'm recommending two insightful, well-written, and thought-provoking blogs to you. When I read these, I feel calmer somehow, more focused on what's important.

The first is Treppenwitz, a blog written by David Bogner. David is a young father and husband living in Israel. The title means "literally, 'the wisdom of the stairs'... The striking reply that crosses one's mind belatedly when already leaving, on the stairs. " In his blog, David discusses fatherhood, marriage, and life in Israel. It's fascinating quiet reading, and David is insightful about current Israel events. I think what I find most appealing about reading David's blog is that his accounts of life in Israel -- which of course include references to the current political climate -- is that it comes from the perspective of a sane, normal, family guy who is experiencing these events as part of his daily life.

The second blog is one called "Real E Fun" by a blogger writing under the psuedonym Zinnia Cyclamen in the U.K. Zinnia is a funeral celebrant, trained and accredited by the British Humanist Association. She blogs about the people she encounters in her work, and the interactions she observes as she's participating in their lives to celebrate a deceased person's life. Now, I know this sounds weird and dull (and directly contradictory to the title which sets you up to expect a party girl's blog or something) but it's fascinating. The entries are beautifully written, with wonderful simple brush-stroke descriptions of people in a way that speaks volumes. I come away feeling that what's most important is to value and respect and love those we hold most dear...

Which is the best antidote to bad politics, I think.


  1. Hi Diane... I'm very flattered that you enjoy following along over at my place. Thanks so much also for the kind words and the link. I look forward to wandering through your writing this evening when I get home from work.

  2. Thanks for these links; I enjoyed both of them very much. Rants upset me, even if I happen to agree with some of them...maybe even more so. While we all need to vent at different times, listening to another person ranting has a bad effect on our blood pressure and peace of mind. Most of us don't need any more stress!! ;)

    Another thing about rants is that they are always so one-sided because they are based on emotion, not logic. What I need more of is reasonable, logical information that causes me to think, rather than to react. Anger and frustration communicate themselves (and are contagious), but the same is true of reason and thoughtful comments. We need more understanding and more possible solutions, not gut reactions that further stress us out. Note to self: Take own advice.