Friday, August 12, 2005

So much for solitude...

I've mentioned here how summers, while they're lots of fun, are stressful for me.

In summertime, both Roger and Caroline are at home all day, every day. And, while this has some nice advantages, it also makes me crazy. You see, I work from home, so my work schedule is totally thrown out of whack. Plus, I'm the sort of person who needs some quiet and alone time...and the lack of it makes me stir-crazy after a while.

So, I've been looking forward to next week. Roger starts school on Monday, and Caroline is signed up for an all-day pony camp, which will give me from about 9:30 to 3pm at home alone to get work done and get a bit of time to myself. (Just between you and me, I was planning to celebrate the occasion by avoiding all work on Monday and spending the day quilting my butterfly.)

But some things are not meant to be. This morning, workers started tearing apart our master bathroom, to repair a construction defect that has caused leaking and requires replacement of the shower and flooring. That means there will be workers in the house for two weeks, they estimate. Perfect.

That's okay, I thought, I can still spend the day sewing on Monday.


Turns out a work issue is rearing its ugly head, and I have a conference call that promises to be a 2-hour thing. And tuesday morning I get my braces put on, so that morning is shot.

Sigh. There is nothing to do but just deal with it. And enjoy it while it's happening, yes?!


  1. So sorry thing are not aligning. I completely relate about needing "alone" time. Jen

  2. O I can also relate. I had no idea how much solitude contributes to my output.
    Let us breathe and plod forth the best we can.
    I am beginning with washing and ironing 240 yards of dyed fabric. Not creative, but it needs to be done.