Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Word about Thread

I've been quilting on my butterfly quilt lately (I know, I know, you want pictures... SOON.) And I've made another discovery, late to arrive at knowledge that others have long known.

I've been using Libby Lehman's "Bottom Line" thread in the bobbin. And it's wonderful! And a bobbin lasts FOREVER! I'd swear this thread has magical properties which make one bobbin just go on and on and on. It's great stuff! I'm going to have to stock up on colors.

On the top, I've been using Aurifil thread. Having been turned on to Aurifil thread by Kathy Sandbach a few years ago, I've ordered it since then from That Thread Shop. Now, a few of my local shops carry it in some colors, which is handy. I buy large cones of grey Aurifil thread and use that for most piecing projects. It's 50 weight, but it feels thinner to me, which I like. And it's virtually fuzz-less, so it doesn't mess up the bobbin case nearly as much as other thread does.

I know a lot of people use heavier weight thread for quilting. I do too, sometimes. But these days, I find myself liking a finer quilting line, so the texture of the quilting shows somewhat more than the thead itself. That's what's working well on my current project, anyway.

Today, Caroline is home sick again (and miserable about missing pony camp for another day), the dishwasher repair guy is due, the bathroom demolition guys will be back shaking the house as they rip the tile off of the shower... and my teeth feel like they have steel bands wrapped around them putting pressure on my whole head. (Oh wait, they DO!) So, it's clearly not a day to concentrate on legal reseach. I'm going to give it all up and just quilt.

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