Saturday, January 27, 2007


So you know how I said I’m having fun crocheting baby blankies for Project Linus? Well, I still am. I finished blankie #1 and am halfway through blankie #2. I’ve got soft washable yarn in various colors to make probably three more, too. And I’m having such fun that I thought I’d hunt around on the internet for other baby blankie patterns. And you know what I discovered?

Most crocheted stuff is ugly.

I could show you examples. Lots of examples. But because what I’m finding are pictures of things that people have actually made and photographed and posted on the Internet with pride, I don’t want to embarrass any tasteless crocheters. Besides, you can google "crochet" and find a lot of it yourself.

(Don’t believe me? Google "crochet pattern" and then look at the results until you find something you find attractive enough to make. Go ahead. I warn you, finding even one passable item may take you all night.)

The baby blankets are cute, especially the plainer ones. But I realized with shame that I’m happy crocheting blankies to give away, but as soon as I thought about making a baby blanket for my pregnant friend Celine, I knew I’d either knit one or make a baby quilt so it’d be nice enough for a friend.

I have Crochet Shame. Cro-shame.

In my search for interesting and attractive crocheted items, I stumbled onto a crochet blog ring and started linking from one blog to the next. And you know what I discovered there?

The crochet ring bloggers are knitting.

I think I understand why.


  1. Anonymous1:00 AM

    You crack me up! But it's all so true :-)

  2. I have always felt that the fabric made in crocheting is lumpy, knotty and stiff. And it uses twice as much yarn as knitting.
    It works best for sturdy uses like bags and fishnets. The real kind, for huge fish.

  3. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Cro-shame, ha ha. I agree with you, much of it is ugly-hideous. I really like hairpin lace for afghans, though, I've seen some that are gorgeous. I'd guess that is considered a form of crochet.

  4. I attended a meeting of a spinners' guild called Spindles and Flyers in El Cerrito today. I was a guest. There were lovely yarns, the wheels were spinning, knitters were knitting, and the drop spindles twirling.
    At show and tell time one woman displayed crocheted socks! They were lacy and open on the top side. They looked pretty good to me. I've never heard of crocheted socks before. She said they were soft to wear.

  5. Anonymous10:54 AM

    the problem with crochet is that it was originally a lace technique using very very fine threads. In that capacity it is BEAUTIFUL. However somewhere along the line someone got the idea to make things that were previously knitted in yarn out of crochet. UGH. Although I still like it for blankets that are going to take a lot of abuse. I have also made a lacy little baby dress for my niece that turned out very attractive. I think if you stick to the idea of lace crochet is much nicer rather than trying to use it where knitting would work better.

  6. Anonymous1:15 PM

    LOL, but i understand cro-shame. however, to put things back in perspective, i should add that my grandmother crocheted about a million afghan blankets in her later years. They were all exactly the same, and everyyear, we got a new one. but now, years after she's passed, i treasure the blankets of hers i still have. and wish i had more. don't give up!

  7. Anonymous4:48 PM

    You're thinking of making a blankie for my baby?! Awwwwww. Now I'm gonna cry. (Happy, hormonal tears.)

    You're the greatest!

  8. There are levels of crafts - I think I discovered that after I gave a plastic canvas gift to my sister. She wasn't pleased. It seems more craftsy and cheap. Like I couldn't afford to buy you a present so I made you this.
    I made a quilt for someone else, and everybody was clamoring for a quilt.

  9. Anonymous9:09 AM

    yeah, very very few people turn down quilts or knitting or cross stitch (at least in my experience) HOWEVER I used to do a lot of stained glass and despite the effort I noticed some very pained expressions on gift recievers. Not that stained glass is cheap mind you but its not everyones cup of tea and I think a lot of people are really thinking "I don't like this and its just something else to gather dust but I don't dare get rid of it either".