Thursday, January 11, 2007

In which quilting sooths a worried mind...

Can you believe it? Actual quilting activity going on?

Everyone in my family has been hugely worried and distracted all week because a close relative was whisked into surgery to repair a tear in his aorta. This is the same medical problem that killed actor John Ritter out of the blue, by the way. And, most often (although not always) it's the result of untreated high blood pressure. In any event, my cousin made it to the hospital in time and while he's still in critical condition, he's currently stable and the outlook is encouraging.

So, it is not surprising that I am feeling distracted and unable to focus on anything except my cousin. Yesterday, sewing a few house blocks helped keep my hands busy.

By the way, I have been thinking about product versus process in quilting. Usually, I'm in it for the process. I'm less invested in the finished quilt than in the fun of making it, and that's fine with me. With this house thing, though, I'm fairly bored. I want the finished quilt (I can just picture it hanging in the stairwell) but gee, these blocks aren't that thrilling to make. Atypically, I'm just pushing through this to get to the end result. But I suppose with my low concentration level right now, that's just as well.

Are you into process or product?


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Sending good thoughts for your cousin - scary stuff. Diane, give up the patterns!!!!! Do your own thing, then you can enjoy the process AND look forward to the end product.

    We have lots of snow this morning. Gonna take the Magster out to see her reaction.

  2. I think I am into the process a little more than the finished product because I always feel a tiny bit let down when I actually manage to finish something. Is that why I have so many UFO's??

  3. So glad your cousin made it to the hospital in time, Diane. I'm sending good thoughts and hugs for a speedy recovery.

    As for product vs. process, I'm definitely in the process camp. I'm bogging down in my current quilt because I'm getting tired of the colors, though. I think THAT's why we usually have several things going at once.

    The house block looks wonderful and I am totally in love with the red and white print. Can't wait to see the finished quilt...

  4. I like process for the first 10 blocks or so then I find it tedious. Putting the blocks together and setting the quilt is a process I enjoy. The blocks growing into a big quilt top is fun. I don't like basting, but I do like the process of hand-quilting. I don't get tired of that although it always takes longer than I expect. The binding is the final process and I like doing it.

  5. A great friend died of that so glad your cousin got to the hospital in time. Looking forward to seeing the finished article!

  6. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I'm still fairly new to quilting so I'm not sure yet. But I've had reason to realize lately that I'm more process oriented than product (which comes as a surprise, for some reason).

    I raised the same question on my blog last week and was intrigued with the responses:

  7. Sorry to hear about your cousin. I keep him in my prayers.

    The house block looks great. Is this a hard pattern to use? I have only made square block quilts before.

  8. Anonymous1:16 PM

    You did the right choice of colours for this patch. Red is a very nice colour and very good for your mind. Very curious about the the finished quilt.

  9. Good wishes for your cousin, I hope all goes well.
    As for process vs product, I have to say I have a hard time choosing! I love the process, the zen-ness of quilting even through the mundane parts of it all. Well, except for the sleeve..LOL. The product had better be something I want to see finished or I am sure it would never get there. These red and white houses are going to be fabulous and I know you are going to be very glad you muddled through it all to the end!

  10. Process of product - both I think, I amnow disquitened if I am caught without sewing to do and I loveto hol dthe end result up and say 'Look what I did!" although I HATE the proceess of basting. so boring. If you are really bored with the blocks and can afford the postage send some fabric and the pattern to me and I'll do a handful for you and post them back so you can just have product.
    Email me via my blog for the address.

  11. LOL at Helen's response!!! Now there's an offer!

    Sorry to hear your cousin is so ill - hopefully the fix will hold and he will recover to live a long and healthy life.

    It's good to have something soothing to take our minds off our troubles.

    Only having made two quilts, I'm not sure if it's process or product, but I have discovered that I much prefer hand quilting to machine!

  12. Anonymous6:19 AM

    I would like to add my good wishes for your cousin's full recovery.

    As for quilting, definately process. And, I vote with Gerrie- lose the patterns!!! Do a free form house block! Go look at Anne Lullie's site (link on Melody's blog) and take a gander at her piece "It takes a Village."