Friday, January 05, 2007

Vacation lull

We have been in full, lazy vacation mode since New Year's, and we are enjoying the last days of reprieve from normal life. We are staying up late, sleeping in late, and generally doing lots of playing around in between.

Yesterday, finally, we got most of the holiday decorations put away. I figured I'd better do something, after I noticed that Danny Kaye had wrestled Rosemary Clooney to the ground behind the snow village in the dining room. (They now have privacy in a quiet box in the garage.)

Caroline had a good time sorting and photographing the ornaments before putting them all away.

Now the living room is back to its calm and relatively tidy self. Oh, by the way, here's the new post-vandalism decor. Note the new brown couch (another one on the other side of the fireplace), new carpet and new area rug. That chair in the corner will be replaced one of these days by something more substantial. For now, that glider/rocker is very comfy and the throw covers the very faded denim upholstery. And see that fuzzy turquoise throw on the loveseat? That was my Christmas present from Beth. It's the most decadent, comfy thing to snuggle with in front of the fire while reading a good novel.

Caroline has been having fun playing, playing, playing. She and her good buddy Chris played Pokemon and drew Pokemon pictures for much of the afternoon yesterday. Gemma was recruited to play the roll of a Pokemon and had a grand time.

Meanwhile, Caroline's cat Jasmine watches over her, as always.

By the way, to all you bloggers who've used Picasa to post pictures and complained about it? I NOW GET IT. I HATE that program. It's truly horrible and every time I tried to use it, it lost the post I'd written. Picasa, be gone!


  1. Diane LOL at Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney - so glad they now have their privacy! Glad you and the family are enjoying the last of the holidays. Being back at work is horrible. Truly!

  2. I think Picasa hasn't learned to play nice with the new blogger.
    I really like your remodeling. The rug is lovely, very quiltlike, and it looks like it would go well with just about any of my quilts! I keep looking at the rug in my family room which goes with nothing.