Monday, January 01, 2007

Goodbye, 2006

Before 2007 gets more than a few hours old, I wanted to continue my annual tradition of remembering some personal highlights of 2006. So, here are some of the things that made 2006 a wonderful year for me and my family:

I watched the Artful Quilters Blog Ring really blossom in it second year...Can you believe it's just over 2 years old now? What a great assortment of words and pictures and inspiration and fun from such creative quilters!

I got to celebrate special birthdays with two of my best friends, Beth and Moe. Beth had a big birthday bash on a riverboat on the Sacramento was pouring rain outside while we cruised, but we didn't care. And a bunch of us surprised Moe by flying down to Southern California to attend a surprise party for her. She was so surprised that she wss 2 hours late to her own party!

I learned to knit lace for the first time and finished a lace shawl. This was quite the feat. And although I enjoy the shawl, I won't be doing that lace thing again any time soon.

I got to meet in person two people I'd admired from afar: Frieda Anderson (in a fun workshop) and Annie Smith of the wonderful quilting podcast Quilting Stash. I really appreciate the inspiration they provide. And both are lovely, friendly women.

We enjoyed a wonderful visit with our friends Silvia and Paolo from Guatemala. We miss them so much now that the no longer live near us and we treasure getting to see them when we can.

I got a new, double-wide computer monitor and it has changed my work life! This may sound silly, but it allows me to work with two screens open side by side, or two document pages. I remember vacillating about buying the extra wide screen...and I am SO glad I did. It's one of those things I use every day and it really makes computer life better.

My family enjoyed a great snowy vacation in Lake Tahoe and had the fun of seeing our lab Gemma encounter snow for the first time. I still smile picturing her bounding like a kangaroo through the deep snow.

I had two (TWO!) wonderful quilt retreats at Bishop's Ranch with the usual fun ranch hands. I'm already looking forward to the April retreat.

We watched Caroline grow and develop confidence as a creative performing artist with the Imagination Foundation. She (and we!) were so happy when they chose Caroline's idea to use a Chinese folk tale as the basis of their spring performance. Seeing this group of kids, from 9 to 14, work together to create their own theatrical work is really impressive.

I got to see Roger have the satisfaction of finishing his major textbook and hold the results of his hard work in his hands. What an accomplishment!

And we celebrated with a memorable family vacation on Maui. What a great time that was. (Gee, I'd love a Blue Hawaii about now...)

Caroline and I indulged our Toontown obsession and had a great mother-daughter weekend at Toonfest in Burbank. (I turned our photos into a hard-bound book via Kodak's Easy Share Gallery and made a great souvenir, too.)

I got a wonderful, gorgeous, fabulous new car! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my car. It makes me happy just to sit in it.

I enjoyed the friendship and inspiration of a new quilting minigroup--and look forward to more fun, chat, and inspiration!

I made 9 finished quilts and completed several other quilt tops...that, along with the other things I've started along the way...

I got two quilts accepted to Pacific International Quilt Festival and had the fun of lurking around them to hear viewers' comments when the quilts were hanging at the show.

We survived our vandalism experience with the support of friends and neighbors, we learned we have really good insurance companies, and we now are enjoying the silver lining of it all: two new couches, new carpeting, and a whole new look to the living room!

I saw Caroline move to a new school with bravery and confidence and eagerness to make new friends. Watching her accomplish this significant transition for a 10 year old so gracefully has really made me proud of her and pleased for her.

And truly the best highlights of the year? Those moments with friends and family that aren't big events but just make me feel great to have such wonderful people in my life.

May the upcoming new year see us all surrounded by the love and laughter of our friends and family!

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  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    You did have quite the year. thank goodness for the blogging so that I can keep up with you! Last night I went through my blog posts for the year and it was quite an adventure.