Thursday, April 26, 2007

Calling all Artful Quilters

I am finally getting around to some maintenance work on the Artful Quilters Blog ring. I'm astonished to find that the ring has almost 250 active members! And because we have a lot of new blogs on the ring, I'm proposing a challenge for you:

Every day this week, take a minute to use the "random" button on your AQ blog ring box to go explore a new Artful Quilters blog. (If you're bounced to a blog you already read regularly, bounce again to find one you don't typically read.) Leave a comment to let the blogger know she's had new company. I bet you'll discover some fun new work and interesting people!

One thing I do from time to time (which gets longer, as the ring gets bigger) is work my way around the ring to make sure that the ring is working right. It's kind of amazing how mixed up things can get, really. But as you poke around, do email me if you find a ring blog that is missing its code, doesn't bounce "next" to the right place, or hasn't been updated for over a month. With all these blogs on the ring, it's helpful when I'm pointed to blogs that need a bit of tweaking. can check your own blog to make sure it's working right. Go to the ring list (either from the "list" button on the blog ring box or from ringsurf's page) and see what blogs are directly before and after YOUR blog on the list. Now, return to your blog, hit the "next" and "previous" buttons on your ring code, and make sure you go to the right blogs. If not, let me know and I can help you fix it. It's always an easy fix, actually.

Okay. Go, read blogs and explore!

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