Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pictures, pictures...

I've been cruising the ring a bit this evening, and have not been surprised at how many ring members have mentioned pouring over the new, wonderful book of Nancy Crow's work. What an amazing retrospective! It's so instructive and inspirational. I love seeing how her work evolves...the shots of her work in progress are fascinating to me.

Jenny G mentioned how she has suggested to her husband that she could use 60 acres and 3 barns. I'm sure that's one aspect of Nancy Crow's life we'd all love to share.

And speaking of gorgeous pictures, I have recently gotten hooked on Google Earth. Google provides this free software (for which you can buy an upgrade for more detailed/extensive use) which allows you to search the whole globe. It's utterly amazing. For example, here's California:

And if you keep zooming, you get to Healdsburg, where I live:

And then you can zoom in on your's mine:

And you keep zooming, which makes you feel like your hot air balloon is floating downward....

And look, there we are over my house!

It's SO fun to explore.

Go, download it and start traveling. It makes me feel like the world isn't that big a place, and it's right here in my hands.


Elle said...

I love Google Earth! I checked out the cities overseas that I was visiting before I went there. So much fun!

Gerrie said...

Steve has been playing with Google Earth for awhile now. He uses it to find his way around Portland.

Deb R said...

I found true proof that I live in the middle of nowhere when I downloaded Google Earth and they insisted my address didn't exist and kept trying to show me a WalMart 20 miles away!