Monday, June 19, 2006

Who is the culprit?

This is Jasmine:

And this is Willow:

Don't they look innocent?

DON'T BE FOOLED. One of them is causing big problems in my sewing room.

Last night -- wide awake after too much afternoon iced tea -- I decided to spend an hour sewing before I went to bed. And what did I find?

The thin wire connecting the foot pedal/thread cutter to my Juki was chewed apart.

Yes, you read that right. CHEWED APART.

See that thin cable, there, to the right?

Here's what it looks like after my expert (ahem) repair job.

And the REALLY annoying thing is that this is the SECOND time this has happened.

I discovered the cable -- in two pieces -- last week. I couldn't figure HOW it could have happened. It was such a nice, clean split. Could I have cut it with scissors accidentally, I wondered? But it was hanging under the table, sort of behind the waste basket...and although I do have unorthodox cutting methods, I wasn't cutting UNDER the table.

Roger spliced it back together for me and I figured that all would be well.

So to find it chewed apart AGAIN? Just below the former splice, by the way. I was livid.

Personally, I suspect Jasmine, as she has been known to lurk on my sewing chair. Perhaps she was mad that I took Caroline away from her for a few days?

I am going to try to get the whole cable replaced (sigh) and and may resort to wrapping it in something thicker AND applying that cat-repellant stuff.

I swear, this seems PERSONAL. One of these cats knows how to hit me where it hurts.

But we had fun visiting my parents. Caroline was in the pool pretty much the whole time.

And in case you're wondering, of the 5 books I took with me (!) I got 2 read, along with a backlog of Martha Stewart and Cooking Light magazines.


anne bebbington said...

The little toad - whoever did it - but do please put a proper 'chocolate box' electric connector on to repair the damage - you don't want to be electrocuted too :o)

K.C. said...

I once had a cat that chewed through all the speaker wires and telephone wires (before cordless and cell myself here lol!) turned out she had a bad tooth and once the vet pulled it the chewing stopped. Of course that may not be the case for you. You know of course the cats will never tell on one another...they are above that sort of thing.

Gerrie said...

Our JR, Maggie, used to bite the dsl phone line under my computer table. I was terribly embarassed when I accused them of poor service!

KCQuilter said...

Okay, I have a cat JUST LIKE THAT!!! Our Natasha not only chews on electrical cords (some of which we have had to put those big black tubings around) but also flip-flops, shoes, leather recliners, etc.!!! I feel your pain LOL!