Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend notes

Look who came to stay at our house this weekend.

No, silly, Caroline LIVES here. Look at what she's holding in her hands.

Baby chicks hatched in her classroom last week, and a few kids were selected to bring them home, in pairs, over the weekend. Our two lived in the laundry room and happily peeped in their little warm box.

Jasmine, Caroline's cat, sat outside the laundry room door most of the weekend. I'm sure she was guarding them so they wouldn't come to harm.

Caroline is relieved to take them back to school, still alive and peeping.

On another note, on Sunday my friend Pat and I attended the Moonlighter's Quilt guild show. Santa Rosa has two quilt guilds, a day guild (to which Pat and I belong) and a night guild, the Moonlighters. It is surprising how different they are in group personality. In any event, the Moonlighters put on an annual show, so off we went.

Our group is permitted to sit in a back room and sell tickets for our opportunity quilts. This year, for the first time our guild made TWO opportunity quilts: a traditional quilt and an art quilt. This was a big break from tradition (gasp), but another local guild does it with good success, and given that the idea is to sell as many tickets as possible, our guild's governing board was persuaded that giving customers different choices could only be a good idea. You buy your tickets and can choose which quilt you're buying them for.

Here is the traditional offering, a beautiful log cabin variation:

The art quilt was made by our art quilt group, The Pointless Sisters. It's called "Greetings from Sonoma County." (Size-wise, I think it's about 45 x 60").

Recognize my oak tree silhouette postcard?

And it was nice to hear that the tickets are selling 5 to 1 in favor of the art quilt!

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  1. And as last year's president of the guild and founder of the Pointless Sister's, may I take some credit, but especially joy in this turn of events since it was me who had to persuade the guild board to try this dual opportunity quilt thing. Yippee ya! I feel vindicated.