Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fun Surprises

Ooh! Ooh! Two fun things happened today.

First, my friend Lissa called this morning and asked if she could come over with her friend Veronica to see my collection of quilts. Lissa had heard about them from a mutual friend and has been wanting to see them. I said, "How about today?" and they were there within the half hour. We had a fun visit, talking and laughing and looking at quilts. Veronica is a quilter, and Lissa is an energetic, crafty woman who hasn't yet made a quilt but wants to try one after she finishes sewing curtains for her new house and slipcovers for her furniture. Funny, but she doesn't believe it when I tell her that if she can do curtains and slipcovers, she won't have any trouble with quilts.

But the exciting part? Veronica lives right here in my very town, and has a Gammill long arm quilting machine in her garage that she doesn't use as much as she thinks she should. I threw caution to the wind, and asked if a) she'd be willing to teach me, and b) if she'd then rent me time on her machine. She was thrilled with the prospect, and we're on! My first lesson is next monday!

The second fun thing was that my afternoon cleared up unexpectedly, so I decided to pull the fabric for a small new project. It requires autumn colors, and I discovered that I don't have any hand dyed fabric in the brown range. Well, it was such a warm day that I pulled the already-mixed dye out of the outside fridge and set to mixing some miscellaneous browns in small tubs. I can hardly wait to see how they turn out. Results to follow!

Gemma, the now-7-month-old-puppy, was reasonably cooperative. Only once did she pull a piece of fabric out of the water-soak tub to drag it across the lawn!


  1. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Hi Diane, I love to read your blog. In a previous post you mentioned "Mental Floss" a magazine (?)...I was curious and googled this and found nothing...what can you tell about this?

  2. A free afternoon and you accomplished a lot. Don't you just love those times that are unplanned but end up being so wonderful. Why can't it happen more often?

  3. Renting time on a longarm! What a perfect solution for doing those large quilts. Jen

  4. How cool! Lessons and time on a longarm! You got a lot done that afternoon. It's always nice when things happen like that.