Monday, September 26, 2005

Random Monday Thoughts

1. Oh boy, today's the day I go to Veronica's house to meet her long arm quilting machine and get my first lesson! I'm bringing a huge hunk of muslin to learn on... For future learning projects, I have a stack of quilt tops made with scraps to be donated to the local children's center. I'd be so happy to finish these off and give them away!

2. Simply Quilts seems to have really good, art-quilty shows on Mondays. I find it interesting that the newest shows are featuring really interesting contemporary quilters and new techniques. Nowadays I don't watch the rest of the week, but I always tune in on Mondays.

3. I can't imagine getting a tattoo. I find them totally unattractive. It makes me feel old and untrendy, but there you have it.

4. I want my bathroom back! We're in the waiting-for-the-tile stage. Last night I would have loved a long soak in our huge bathtub, but no such luck. Sigh.

5. Tomorrow is the first lesson with Marilyn Felber, a Berkeley quilt artist who is going to come and do ongoing workshops with my art quilt group. The first task is to bring scraps and sewing machine. I hauled out my large scrap bin and will just bring the whole thing. Wonder what we'll do?!

6. What's your least favorite word? (Do you watch Inside the Actor's Studio? At the end, interviewer James Lipton always asks guests the same series of questions, to which they reply as if they had no idea he ALWAYS does this and as if they just thought of the answer at that moment.) This is one of the questions, and the same word -- or non-word -- springs to my mind: Irregardless. I HATE when people say that.

7. What to have for dinner? When I was a kid, my mom would ask that, with a tired sigh. I used to think, "What's so hard about that?" But now, I know! It's the relentless need for a decision. I'm trying to use my crockpot more, as I love having dinner made by 10am.

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  1. Great comments today!! I agree that I enjoy the new Monday shows... and usually forget to watch SQ the rest of the week. Would I watch more if that dreadful Mary Ellen weren't on first... so I could turn to the channel and keep it there? Maybe.

    My least favorite word: Whatever. It's rude, dismissive, selfish, and hurtful. I want to punch people when I hear it.

    Enjoy your time with the long-arm... were you surprised at the work involved? If you LOVE this.. call me sometime as see if we can arrange a play day.. I'll teach you my feathers and spirally flowers.

    And, though I will never actually get a tattoo... I love the idea of having a tattoo. What to get? Where to get it? But I'm too big of a whimp to actually do it.