Sunday, September 11, 2005

Saturday night in Berkeley

Remember these guys?

In case you don't, that's Kenny Loggins and Jimmy Messina, of "Loggins and Messina" fame. If you don't recognize them, you'd know their songs. "Danny's Song," "House at Pooh Corner," "Angry Eyes," "Your Mama Don't Dance".... these two are responsible for a long string of hits.

Well, they split up some time in the 70's. I've followed Kenny Loggins since then, and have seen him in concert a whole bunch of times. I just adore his voice, and now it's the sort of musical relationship that each concert carries a full load of pleasant nostalgia. My college roommate and I followed his concerts and saw him in southern California when we could. I saw him in New England when I lived there. In an amazing coincidence, he was performing on the night Roger and I got married at the very site of our wedding (the Mountain Winery, a beautiful winery in Saratoga, California with a great outdoor amphitheatre) so after our wedding, Roger and I treated our entire wedding party to the Kenny Loggins concert.

Anyway... Loggins and Messina have reunited for a tour, and last night they came to Berkeley. Roger and I were there, of course. Here's what they look like now:

Older, wiser, no less talented...But aren't we all. They sounded great... It was really impressive to hear how well their voices still blend, and it was a pleasure to see how at ease they seem together nowadays.

A good time was had by all. Me, I'm going to go download some of those old Loggins and Messina songs onto my Ipod.


  1. Love their music. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Jen

  2. Is that the same Kenny Loggins who did "Footloose?"