Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

Meals prepared: 9
Meals eaten: 6
Indulgent desserts concocted: 1
Company entertained: 2 adults, 2 children
Bottles of wine consumed: 2
Dishes washed: too numerous to count
Childrens' bedrooms cleaned: 1
Drawers cleaned out: 6
Loads of laundry washed: 5
Bags of clothes for Salvation Army filled: 2 large
Items retrieved from bags by child: 3
Puppy visitors entertained: 1
Mud puddles filled in: 3
Dogs bathed: 2
Sprinkler lines replaced to fix chew holes: 3
Quilt tops quilted: 1
Quilts bound: 1
Sewing rooms cleaned: 0
Magazines read: 3
Legal work accomplished: 0
Naps taken: 0


  1. Hey Diane... how is it you cooked 3 more meals than you ate?? That one needs explaining...

  2. I made lunches and/or breakfasts for Caroline and Roger that I didn't have time to eat!! (Am I the only one that makes breakfast for her child and then stands around having just coffee?!)

  3. me me me... I actually make two breakfasts for my kids. Frozen waffles upstairs before we all get dressed and cereal downstairs after we all get dressed. Me? Maybe half a banana later after they are both in school. Drinking coffee through this whole process of course.