Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Can't Get There From Here

Oh, the things I've meant to accomplish this week. But every time I head in the direction of actually starting one of them, even, something gets in the way. Like...

...this cold that won't seem to go away, and makes me tired all the time

...the need to shop for a dress for Caroline to wear to my brother's wedding THIS SATURDAY and for which we had like 2 weeks' notice

...the various construction guys coming and going unexpectedly from our master bathroom (we still have no shower and a general mess. Today they came at 7:45 AM to whack the rest of the tile off from the shower and surround of the tub, as they weren't able to find the original tile to match the stuff they had to remove originally. You have no idea how conducive to productive and efficient work it is to have the sound of sledge-hammer whacking against tile all morning.

...surprise work projects popping up, so that when I sit down at my computer to work on the one I thought I'd do today, there's an email announcing a new emergency project needing an immediate response so I never did get to start the one I'd planned on finishing.

...the need to help my friend, whose mother-in-law died a day ago, by ferrying her child to an after-school activity and keep her here for dinner (this, the kid who eats ONE brand of mac-and-cheese --and of course it's not the one I buy -- and who will ask to see the milk carton her milk came from to make sure it's the same brand she always has at home)

...the call from school saying they need certain PTO paperwork that should have been done in June--under the former president's reign, btw, but what does it matter as it wasn't done and still needs to be done

I have great quilt ideas in my head that want doing. I'm going to go to bed early tonight so I can get up and maybe actually get something done tomorrow! (After all, what's left to sledge-hammer around here?)

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  1. Diane,

    A cold that makes you tired all the time and won't go away? Have you seen your doctor? Sure sounds like strep to me.

    The other frustrations of life we need to learn to cope with... much as we hate it.

    But PLEASE see your doctor about that cold.