Saturday, August 04, 2007

Dinner with FFC

Last night we had dinner at our neighbor Francis's place.

You might know him as Francis Ford Coppola.

Okay, he wasn't there. But we were in the presence of several other luminaries there.

On Friday nights, Coppola's newest winery "Rosso & Bianco" (formerly Chateau Souverain) in Geyserville has a fun, casual event. There's a farmer's market on the premises, live music, and you can sit on the patio and enjoy good wine and oven-fired pizza and foccacia and gaze at the vineyards.

So we met up with our friends Ann, Walt and Sarah and had a lovely time. We had delicious pizza...

And a bottle of Coppola's Syrah-Shiraz which was quite delicious.

We looked at vines, and at the girls running up and down while we adults sat lazily on the terrace.

Quite the perfect evening. We're thinking we're going to go back next friday.

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  1. Hahaha Diane you had me going there for a minute! Glad you enjoyed yourselves. We did that at Bozz Scaggs' restaurant in San Francisco back in the 80s - it was a hoot even though he wasn't there!