Monday, August 06, 2007

Entertaining a bored child (and me, too)

A cool overcast morning... a bored kid... a mom tired of work at the computer... What to do???

Paint fabric, of course!

We put music on, set everything up on the kitchen table (along with lots of protecting plastic) and away we went. Caroline really got into it.

I had fun making component parts for a piece I have in mind... I am so enjoying the tjanting drawing experience!

By the way, those big plastic trays we're working on are wonderful items. I ordered them from Dick Blick Art Materials and they've come in handy for all sorts of dyeing, painting, and other messy projects.

We draped our wet pieces on the table on the patio to dry...

and by the time we finished, it was covered. What fun!

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  1. Diane--beautiful, beautiful work. What you've done is very exciting! One question, though--are you using textile medium mixed with the acrylic paint or just using them watered down without medium? Do you have anything taped down to the tray underneath the piece you're working on?