Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've been gone...

... because I've been playing nurse for the last week.

My favorite auntie Carole had surgery a few weeks ago which led to a few complications, and when she called me to ask me to come stay for a few days, I couldn't refuse. She has three sons, all married to very nice women, but when it came down to needing help with showers and catheters in intimate places and such... well, let's just say I was honored to be among the people she'd feel comfortable with to handle that stuff.

So, I've had an odd week. I've been cooking a bit and cleaning (more than I clean my own house, really, to prevent my aunt from trying to jump up and dust) and just being around to field phone calls and keep an eye on my alzheimer's-ish uncle. During her rest times, I'd retreat to watch "Damages" on my Ipod or read my novel, so I got in some pleasant rest time too.

I feel like I've officially crossed the know, the one where you go from being a grown up with grown up family to the grown-up who needs to take care of grown up family? My folks are in great health, thank goodness.

My aunt is doing great and despite the weird health things we did a lot of laughing. I mean, what else can you do when one of the two of you is hauling around a bag of urine? We named it Herman. Get it? Pee Wee?

I got home last night, to warm hugs and kisses from husband and daughter. Now it's back to taking care of MY life.


  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    I wondered where you were!1 Missed you. What a wonderful niece you are. I had an aunt that I had that relationship with. She had only one son, my age. She was like my second mother. I could tell her things I couldn't tell my own mom.

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Your mother and aunt sound like my own. I'm totally with you about the clutter, dog hair, art obsession, etc.

    I always say to myself, "Self, you can clean house or be a relaxed, healthy artist."

    Artist wins every time!