Saturday, August 11, 2007

Home Alone

I am home alone for the weekend. It's a virtually unheard of event, and I am going to take full opportunity to have fun. Husband and child left this morning for some father-daughter special time, so I scurried around this morning doing chores so I was free to play.

And here's my first play project. I dyed this in my Carol Soderlund workshop in late May.

And I decided that it's the perfect opportunity to play with machine quilting. I mean, if it turns out badly, I won't be devastated. And all that splashy color will hide less than perfect stitching.

I decided to play with freeform feathers.

They're not perfect, but they sure add a fun texture.

Here's where I am now, with the pinky-red parts stitched.

I'm going to fill the yellow parts in with something different...don't know what yet.


  1. That's a beautiful tie-dye. Your quilting should enhance it nicely.

  2. How fun to have some child-free time on a weekend! And aren't you using your time well?

  3. Hi Diane, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I was just looking through some of your recent posts and that Gerry Chase workshop looks fabulous. Love the things everyone did in that class.

  4. Oh! Precious alone-in-the-house time.

    I'm really new to art quilting, and just about to take my first free motion class, so your day's work is really making me look forward to having the skills to play like that.