Saturday, March 12, 2011

Amazing what a little quilting will fix...

Remember this?  I've been quilting today.  And if I ever doubted that having an even amount of quilting on a quilt makes a difference, I sure don't now.

After I quilted in those leafy centers, I had a big bubbly, ripply mess.  I was hoping that blocking would fix it, but I knew that what this really needed was more machine quilting to make the density even.

So, today I put Pandora Radio on (have you tried it?  You plug in a few of your favorite artists and then it plays a personalized assortment of songs and artists like the ones you've picked.  It's GREAT) and I buzzed along.

It's finally all quilted.  So I just need to finish sewing on the binding and block it and it'll be DONE!

Check back for a blog giveaway -- I'm giving away this lovely Charmed Circles quilt pattern (because having done this once, I'm never gonna do this again.  :-)


  1. congratulations on getting this one done and done so beautifully! Matching all those points and curves too, oh my heavens! I hope you rewarded yourself with something! And Pandora is the perfect companion to stitching.

  2. I really like how you "finally" quilted this quilt. It looks great.

  3. I know you've had a slight struggle with this one, but it looks amazing! I hope that you're thrilled with the result, I know that I would be.