Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Random Ringing

I've been trying to cut down on the time I spend at the computer each morning -- I enjoy reading blogs and poking around so much that I can lose a whole lot of time that way! And as we know, there are so many interesting people doing so many cool things!

But, in an effort to get moving and productive a bit earlier, I now have my morning coffee or tea while I check emails first thing, and then I satisfy my "discover new blog fun" urge by allow a few pokes at the "Random" button on the Artful Quilters blog ring to see where that takes me. The ring has 125 art quilters on it right now, so there is a lot of activity and inspiration right at the click of a button!

Here's some of the fun I've discovered:

Colleen is playing with color and making lively small quilts

Carol is making charming bird quilts

Linda is learning to use Adobe Illustrator and making wonderful small quilts with her illustrations

Kathy has made some wonderful small quilts with charming hand stitched embellishments

Candy is dyeing up a storm and making me want to dye fabric, too

So go ahead, go over there and hit the "Random" button -- what fun will you discover?


  1. DIANE! I replied to your email this morning but it got sent to me so I thought I'd reply here. What my email said was:

    Thanks so much, I've been MEANING to ask you how to get the web ring thingy dingy back on my sidebar and I NEVER get around to it - THANKS!

    Also, I just got your book on Saturday - I've not had a chance to read it cover to cover yet but it is BEAUTIFUL, a huge congrats to you all!

    Thanks again, you're psychic!

    TTFN - Candy

  2. Thanks for noticing- I am just at the beginning of all this fun!