Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Value of Blogging

Over on our Twelve by Twelve blog, we are hosting a 12-day celebration of the release of our book, and inviting folks to answer questions for a chance to win a copy of the book.  My question yesterday invited our friends to talk about how they used the internet and social media technology in their creative life.

As a blogger, I should not be surprised that almost everyone mentioned blogging.  Reading blogs for inspiration and ideas and techniques and tutorials was a common factor -- and quite a number of folks mentioned that it had inspired them to start their own blogs.

Those of us who started blogging before it was in the mainstream have had a lot of puzzled looks and inquiries:  "Why do you blog?"  "What do you write about?"  And, I must admit, there are times when I wonder myself why I'm doing it.  After all, there's an aspect of narcissism in writing about one's life and thoughts and creative pursuits, and assuming that someone would want to read it.

But for anyone who has ever wondered about the value of blogging, the way blogging inspires and connects people with similar interests is sure apparent in the way our Twelve by Twelve friends answered that one question.  It's a pretty amazing endorsement of how putting yourself out there -- whether through blogging, or commenting on others' blogs, or just reading and absorbing -- fuels a lot of creativity.


  1. When I found quilt blogs I read for about 6 months before I started mine. I felt such a connection with like minded people. I think it was a combination of quilting and people who like using computers to enhance their creativity. And the inter connection between likeminded people.

  2. Well said Diane. And i can relate to Gari too -- that covers a lot of why I blog.

  3. I really do enjoy the people I have met through blogging. It is part of my process and part of my creative day-sometimes the only creative part.

    I may not make anything spectacular int he long run but I sure am having fun with my new friends!