Friday, March 25, 2011

Blog Love: Painted Threads Projects

 I read a lot of blogs, and there are so many that I enjoy.  But some stay at the top of my "must read" list because of how they inspire me and amuse me and keep me excited to see what will be there next.  I thought I'd start share some of my favorites with you -- maybe they'll join your favorites, too.  So welcome to the first installment of  "Blog Love!"

I've long drooled over admired the amazing art quilts of Judy Coates Perez.  Her painted quilts, always beautifully quilted, just sing with color and joy and gorgeous detail.  Her collaged quilts combine tones and images so gracefully, and incorporate patterns and textures and different fibers in creative ways.  In fact, Judy is the reason I now have a small bowl of soggy tea bags in various stages of drying on my kitchen window sill.  Her use of stained tea bag papers has inspired me to try incorporating them in my collage and altered book play.

But, in addition to her regular blog which makes for fun and inspirational reading, what I really love is Judy's Painted Threads Projects blog.  Judy  uses that blog to feature tutorials on all sorts of fun projects, from felted soap bars, to metal work projects, to carving rubber stamps, and more.  She also includes great series of posts showing in detail how her amazing quilted pieces were created.  The only downside to reading this blog regularly?  It makes me want to do all of these different projects and try all of these techniques! (See tea bags, above.)

You just have to love someone who shares her process and techniques so generously.  You can also spend an hour hearing Judy tell her own creative story, thanks to Lesley Riley's interview with her on Art and Soul Radio.  Lesley's podcast is always inspirational, but her interview with Judy has been one of my favorites.

So go take a look -- feel the blog love! 


  1. Material Obsession blog reviewed your 12 by 12 book today. Great review!

  2. I love her blog as well. Her DVDs are awesome, too! I'd love to get her up to the Pacific NW sometime.