Sunday, January 09, 2005

Button, button...

We have a button! Here's how to insert it onto your blog page:

1. Move your cursor over the image above.

2. Depending on your browser and computer type, right click or left click with your mouse to show a pop-up menu.

3. Choose "save picture as" or "save image as".

4. Save this image anywhere on your computer (and remember where you put it).

5. Upload the image to your blog, as you usually upload pictures. NOTE THE WEB URL FOR THE SITE AT WHICH THIS IMAGE IS NOW STORED ON YOUR SERVER.

6. You'll need to replace the code in your template where you put the original Art Quilters Web Ring html code. Email me if you want the code...I've tried and tried to put it in this entry but the web keeps reading the code and printing the result, not the code itself!

7. DO NOT use my blog page as your "image source". This is known as "stealing bandwidth" and is not okay (it'll mess up my blog in the long run and make me very, very, cranky.)

Good luck! You don't need to use the button if you don't want to.


1 comment :

  1. Diane, from the AQ Web List, the link for CRAZY FOR FABRIC's blog has never worked for me.

    Thanks for these instructions on the the list grows it will become impractical to keep them updated and listed as I do on my blog itself. I'll do this later on.