Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Monday, Monday

How is it that I start every Monday anticipating a relaxing quiet day after a busy weekend, AND I plan to get all sorts of things done? And neither happens...I seem to skitter around, getting some things done (but of course not all the things on my overly-ambitious list). My dream these days is to sit and watch a movie all the way through, without interruption. Not a big thing to ask, eh? I think I'm going to have to stay up until midnight to do it, though.

Anyway. Today was another of those Mondays. I did get a bit of quiet time to sip my coffee after Roger and Caroline left for school, and I watched Simply Quilts. Ironically, in light of the ongoing cross-blog discussion over "To Challenge or Not to Challenge," the episode featured three quilters who had been challenged by Alex Anderson to make quilt blocks out of the same five red fabrics. It was interesting to see what each quilter did with the same fabrics, and then another quilter put them all together in what struck me as a rather bizarre construction. But it was a fun show to watch for 30 minutes.

Then, I got my last blocks made, with over 24 hours to spare! Sheesh! Plenty of time! I'm looking forward to our Pointless Sisters luncheon tomorrow, when we reveal and exchange our blocks. I'm sure it will be a very fun day.

Then I was off on errands...Dropped in on my friend Jenny to give her a quilt I'd machine quilted for her (an auction item for her daughters' school...a quickie quilting project for me). After a quick visit with her (complete with entertainment: a 3 year old, a year-old puppy and a six-week old kitten, all tumbling together on the floor), I headed off to do a bit of shopping. Then a quick trip to the library for a new stack of books, a visit to my sister's to deliver the mail I'd collected for her while she was out of town...where I detoured to help her put together a cute hutch type item from Ikea. From there, it was time to pick Caroline from school, and then we went to the health club we just joined a week ago.

The health club thing is a new adventure for us as a family. But Roger and I sorely need exercise and we figure it's good to get Caroline in the routine while she's young. One of the best features about the club (and one that balances off the fact that it's 15 minutes away) is the wonderful swimming pools...Three! A kiddie pool, a large general pool for swimming, messing around, aqua aerobics classes etc, and a large lap pool. So, we know that in the summer we'll be there a lot, and Caroline will always want to go to swim. Today, she did her homework in the "Kids' Club" child care room while I worked out on cardio machines, then we both swam and then relaxed in the jacuzzi. A very nice afternoon, although we both wanted to go straight to bed when we got home!

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  1. Wow, I love how all of your Pointless Sisters blocks turned out! I'm sure everyone will be absolutely thrilled with your work. You'll have to show us the blocks you receive and what you do with them. BTW... I caught that episode of Simply Quilts too and found that construction bizarre also. :)