Sunday, January 30, 2005

This may be a bad mommy thing, but seeing as how a) it was a birthday and b) it was a hotel, I let them jump on the beds. That was a big thrill for all.

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed...Wait! How'd daddy get in there?

Sunday brought more horse-play (in the four legged sense of the word), more swimming, more jumping. By the time we left the hotel at about 12:30, they were clearly exhausted. We stopped for lunch on the way home, at a very fun diner. ("It's my favorite restaurant in the WHOLE WORLD!" Sarah said, delighted, as we pulled into the parking lot.) They all brought their Breyer horses in with them, and Caroline set hers on the table. The waitress, breezing by to drop menus with us, said jokingly "No horses allowed in the restaurant!" Caroline snatched her horse, looking mortified and then was so embarrassed that she began to cry. (Yep, overtired.) The waitress was then horrified at Caroline's reaction, which you'd think would have entitled the girls to free ice cream. Which in fact came with the kids' lunches anyway.

So, we're home, we're tired, but we've had fun. Caroline hit her bed early and conked out, and Roger and I will not be far behind.

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  1. You mean all moms don't let the kids jump on the bed when staying at a hotel?! Sounds like a blast. Can I just say... I always have a vision of a really cool cake I'd like to make for the kids' birthdays, but Claire always insists on decorating it herself. I always let her, but secretly wish I could have done it myself. Luckily, little Benjamin hasn't shown any interest in cake decorating, so I can still do his cakes. Anyway, I think the horse head cake was great!