Sunday, January 09, 2005

Dotty dots...Where are you?

I've had a happy evening rearranging blocks on the design wall. THIS is much more satisfying than moving piece by piece.

And I have an arrangement I really like...but suddenly I have a need for a fairly large hunk of one of my fabrics, and I don't have enough.

I've searched on the internet. I've found the fabric in periwinkle blue, pink, yellow, even lavender...


...but not the delicate turquoise I need.

I think I got this fabric at Pumpkinseed Quilts, which is about an hour away. If they were open tonight, I'd be headed there right now. But I will contain myself, and call first thing tomorrow. And dash down there tomorrow if they have it.

I am reminding myself that if they don't have it, this may prove to be an opportunity to discover an even better solution. But I don't sound convinced yet, do I? I want the fabric I want. NOW.

I told you I'm all for immediate gratification.

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