Friday, January 28, 2005

A Gala Weekend

This is what we'll be doing on Saturday. Sort of.

Saturday, January 29 is Caroline's 9th birthday. And to celebrate, we're stealing a page from the party book of our friends Eric and Diane, and we're taking Caroline and two of her friends for a slumber party at a hotel with an indoor pool.

Okay, it's not the's an Embassy Suites Hotel which, from Caroline's point of view, represents the height of elegance. It has an indoor pool, a glass elevator, tv, and a breakfast buffet where she can pick whatever she wants. Can a hotel BE more glamorous?!

So, we'll head down in the afternoon (so Caroline can celebrate her birthday with the ponies at the pony school for her riding lesson), and the girls will probably spend a great deal of time swimming. I did some research on fun places to go for birthday dinner, only to find that what Caroline wants to do is have pizza delivered to the room so she, Lani and Sarah can eat pizza in their hotel room sitting on the floor. There is, of course, birthday cake for dessert.

Roger and I figure we'll watch them swim, and maybe even join them a bit, who knows. I'll probably just stroll around the pool in my bathing suit and high heels, as pictured above.

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