Monday, January 17, 2005

Here are more of the Pointless Sister blocks. This is an arrow, in black and white. In case you couldn't tell. One result of having seen a lot of other blocks (with a lot of detail) is that I'm wanting to go more toward simple and graphic blocks. That's more my style anyway, but I think it's pronounced as I try to make sure my blocks are different from the ones I've seen.

Here's a pear in gold and purple for Rita. This is unfinished so that bottom quarter inch will come off and the block will look better, I think.

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  1. All wonderful, Diane! Your "sisters" will be thrilled. Pears are really hot right now, aren't they? I've been a bit drawn to them myself. I should do some sketches. I saw a wonderful sculpture of five pears on a shelf recently. It was titled "Two and a Half Pairs" which still cracks me up.