Sunday, May 15, 2005

Studio Confidante

Do you have a Studio Confidante? You know, someone who lives in your studio and keeps you company and makes you smile?

I have two. Above, that's Hilda Haagen-Daas, and I love her. She was made by my friend Elaine Benjamin, who makes and sells the most gorgeous art dolls. You probably can't tell too well on the photo, but Hilda has a tiny copper moon face, and hair made of copper nails. She has wooden ice cream spoon hands, which explains the --shall we say, comfortable? -- proportions of her "figure 8."

Here's the other:

I've had this lovely wooden mermaid for many years. I got her on Nantucket, where I was drawn to her and couldn't leave the island without her. Her waist and tail are hinged, so she's sort of posable. But mostly she lounges on the bookshelf, gazing peacefully down at me.

I was inspired to show you my Confidantes after reading Stephanie's wonderful blog. (Stephanie, by the way, is one of two amazingly creative daughters of my buddy and our fellow ring-member Gerrie.) Her blog pointed me to this site, where you can see a whole slide show of various folks' Studio Confidantes.

I'd love to see yours! If you post yours on your blog, put a comment on this entry so people will know where to look!


  1. My "confidantes" are on my blog. Thanks for doing this Diane!

  2. I put my studio confidante on my blog. I love your two, very cool!

  3. I posted P.P. No-Pants, my S.C. on my blog yesterday. She has a real name, but that is her nickname.

  4. I posted my confidantes on my blog. The poor lizard is quite upset that he doesn't have a name. I hope he doesn't go on strike.

  5. I LOVE your mermaid!!!! I want one just like her!!!

    I posted pics of three of my confidants on my blog.