Saturday, September 17, 2005

Magazines, quilty and otherwise

I was thinking this morning, as I was tidying the bedroom and pulling magazines off of the nightstand, about how much I enjoy reading magazines and whether the assortment of magazines I subscribe to reflects a lot or a little about me. It probably says more than I'd like it to!

So, I thought I'd throw out this question to y'all:

What magazines do you subscribe to, and why? (Not just READ, mind you, but actually pay money to get delivered to you every month?)

Here's what comes to my house:

The New Yorker - I love the insightful commentaries on news, political and legal events (I adore Jeffrey Toobin), I'm amused by the cartoons, and I can't miss Anthony Lane's movie reviews

Quilting Arts -- Inspiration, ideas... Sometimes I'm disappointed that so much of the art in it looks the same, but still, it's the only art quilt magazine I know of. These, I save.

Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion - I love riotous color, and love to see artist homes and gardens. The photos always make me happy.

Cottage Living - I aspire to this sort of home, a comfy cottagey house with a country garden.

TV Guide - Because how else would I know what good stuff is coming up?

Mental Floss - This is our first year with this odd little magazine, sort of a mix of information and humor and trivia. Caroline even likes this.

Quilter's Newsletter - It covers the whole quilt spectrum. I enjoy it but read it pretty quickly. (And no, I don't save them. I tear out stuff that might inspire me for my "quilt ideas" file and then toss them.)

Cooking Light - Good recipes, helpful for making me cook more healthfully.

Food and Wine - We don't know why we get this -- we never subscribed and if it's a gift we have no idea who it's from. I skim through it.

People - Because it's a great guilty pleasure, a total escape. And I don't want to be one of those middle aged people who doesn't know who Coldplay is.

What comes to yours?


  1. So who is Coldplay?

    The only magazine I subscribe to is New Mexico Magazine. There are a couple of others that come as part of memberships, like the AAA Going Places and whatever the AARP sends.

    I've subscribed to a bunch of different ones from time to time, but never seem to find enough in them to make it worthwhile to keep getting. New Mexico is for my husband, primarily, and because they sent us an offer we couldn't refuse.

  2. Anonymous2:05 AM

    None. But that's only because I like the (albeit more expensive) treat of going to the book store and buying them, based on what's inside. Frequent purchases include Quilting Arts (depending), Quilter's Newsletter, Spin-Off (for handspinners), Handwoven, Interweave Knits, and Cook's magazine. Occasionally, I'll pick up Runner's World (if I'm feeling virtuous.

  3. I stopped subscribing to magazines because they more often than not arrived mangled. But, here's what I always pick up from Barnes & Noble on a regular basis: Art Doll Quarterly, Fiberart, Ornament, Rubberstampmadness, The Craft Report, Zink, Bead and Button, Beadwork, Bead Unique, Surface Design, Somerset Studio, Belle Armoire, Expressions, Quilting Arts, & Raw Vision. Once in a while I'll pick up ArtForum & Art News.