Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My motivation to create

Gabrielle asked us on this ring to consider these questions: What is your motivation to create? Why are you working in fiber? What moves to you to create?

Here are the thoughts that come to mind for me:

Color! Color! Color!

The tactile pleasures of fabric - color made tangible

The challenge: I wonder if I can make something that looks like this idea, or thought, or image...

The process of learning a new skill or technique

The quiet pleasure of putting something together, piece by piece

The fun and discovery in seeing how each new addition changes the whole (for example, the fun of seeing how a quilt top looks totally different with quilting on it)

The sense of participating in this centuries' old tradition, and taking a traditional aspect of women's work and evolving with it into something artful

Making something that no one else has made, that is just mine


  1. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Oooh, yes, that last one is a biggy for me, too - "making something that no one else had made, that is just mine" - YES! Even if I could follow a pattern (which I mostly can't!)my choices about fabric , colour, stitch - are unique, non-repeatable.

  2. Thanks Diane, beautifully said. I agree with every single one....but love that your first was Color! Have you re-read what you posted. You should take some of the shorter descriptions and print them on poster board in big bold letters...hand them in your studio for moments of need.