Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fun, fun, fun

Tomorrow I start a 3-day workshop with a quilt artist whose work I love, Gerry Chase. Here's one of her cool quilts here:

We'll be painting fabric at first, and then assembing quilts with what we've painted. And, armed with my supply list, I set off to my favorite art supply to gather a few appropriately stiff brushes and other goodies.

There, I met up with my buddy Rita for fun and a yummy deli lunch. I had a wonderful sandwich... ham and colelaw on sourdough bread. The coleslaw tasted particularly delicious -- and different -- ON the sandwich as opposed to along side.

From there, we hit a fabulous used book store, Treehorn Books in Santa Rosa.

I feel virtuous buying used books, and found some great treats including a book of horse stories for Caroline and a book filled with gorgeous photographs of leaves and pods. Then we went around the block to check out a new mystery/sci-fi bookstore and I came away with a few used Dick Francis novels I've not yet read. Score!

Then, of course, we needed sustenance so we ventured over to Peet's Coffee to try one of their Scharfenberger chocolate caramel "freddos."

Yep, it tasted as good as it looked.

Now I'm gathering supplies and headed off to rest up for a big day of fabric painting. And I'm going to take my camera and hopefully I'll remember to get it out and take pictures!

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  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I love Gerry and her work! Lucky you.