Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The week in pictures

We have just returned from

where we had a lovely, relaxing week with family.
We went here almost every day ...

where we did a lot of sitting, chatting, floating ...

and just gazing at the scenery.

In the late afternoon, we returned to the house, where the womenfolk changed into these pjs (thanks to Pajamagram.com)

(If you don't know me, I look exactly like this and I tend to stand around in this very pose a lot. Ahem.)

The men wore these:

(Yep, even slightly mortified teenager Sam, good sport that he is.)
So we lounged and drank these

and did more relaxing and chatting and laughing.

I did a whole lot of reading, on the beach,

on the deck, on the couch... where ever I could.

I read this

(Thanks, Deb, I LOVED it)... and this

and this
(very enjoyable British chick lit) and this

(another good book about books and readers), as well as this

and this.

My sister-in-law Diane gave me a new book of these

as she is addicted herself, so we sat around working on them at times, too.
I also found some time to listen to music on this

and I even caught up on a few episodes of this I'd not seen...

... thanks to the wonder of Itunes and the ability to download tv shows. (Why, oh why, was this show cancelled???)

We ate delicious food, including our favorite appetizer at our favorite restaurant, Sunnyside --

(that's fried zucchini, and I figure it's a vegetable so the fried part doesn't count as bad.)

After dinner we played games... this,

and this

and did a lot of laughing. I love playing family games.

I was voted the most cool mom because I have my own Nintendo DS

so I could play with Caroline and her cousin Dash. Mostly, we played this

which is another surprisingly fun little game.

I slept out on the deck in one of these

which became so popular that I was joined by various family members on various nights, all happy to listen to the quiet and gaze at the stars and breathe the pine-scented Tahoe air.

Perhaps not unrelated, I was having a strange shoulder problem which my acupuncturist sister-in-law Doreen treated

so at times I sat around feeling like this.

But it totally fixed my shoulder (which I think was a back-muscle thing) and I'm fine!

Before we headed home, we drove the 40 minutes to here for a few days of fun.

We stayed at the Silver Legacy, here --

and did a bit of playing on these.

It was fun and silly and REALLY REALLY LOUD.

Um.....no, we didn't win this. But we kept hoping.

We drove home, stopping at our usual lunch stop here

for these.

So, now we're home, and it's back to work...

and household chores ...

and this.

But we're rested and happy.


  1. What a fantastic travelouge through photos. Thanks for the smile!

  2. Anonymous4:18 PM

    What a great week! Is that you in the lounge chair - is your hair that long??

    Thanks for all the good book recommendations. The Anna karenina one looks fab.

  3. Loretta--my hair is brown and short, and my body is, well, a tad wider than hers. Notice I'm not putting a picture of MY thighs on this blog, thank you very much!

  4. Your vacation post was such fun!
    And yes, fried zucchini is a vegetable -- eat all you want. I believe this.

  5. Sounds like a great week - the Lake looks beautiful. Helen

  6. What a great post!!!! OMG look at that quilt on the front of your new mag. Wow.

  7. Sounds like you had a FANTASTIC holiday, off now to look at the books you read!

  8. That looks like a fun week!!

    (I bet this post took ages to put together, finding all the right photos, yes?)

  9. Anonymous8:56 PM

    oh i loved it! I laughed so hard! and truely I am glad you had a good time! I think I need one of those IN-N-OUT burgers, or two. YUM!