Saturday, July 07, 2007

Let's Meet the Neighbors

It's the weekend, and it's a lovely day to stroll over and meet a neighbor or two!

Well, a virtual neighbor, anyway... Go ahead, don't be shy! You know you love it when someone posts a comment on your blog! So, use the Artful Quilters Blog Ring and click "next," "previous" or "random" until you get to a blog you've not read before or where you've never left a comment. And today, leave a comment to say hello! (You can say that Diane suggested you stop by!)

C'mon, it's a beautiful sunny day for a bit of visiting. Feel free to visit as many neighbors as you like, but be sure to comment to say hello!


  1. I applaud the concept and I ADORE the picture!

  2. What a wonderful idea, Diane!!!

  3. Hello, I'm not a quilter as such, more of an embroiderer but love to read the quilt blogs, keep up the good work, off now to surf your ring further