Friday, July 13, 2007

A Scrap Bag Day

We're getting ready to head off for another week at Lake Tahoe...aren't we lucky? This time, it's the annual vacation with Roger's siblings and their families. We mainly hang out on the beach and watch Caroline and her cousin Dash catch crawdads under the pier. It occupies them pretty much the entire time, which is nice for us grown-ups who generally just want to sit and chat and read.

Anyway, it means the last few days have been errandy, chore-ish days. But I've got scraps of things to say before I head off:

1. Look! Crowded House has a brand new cd, called Time on Earth. I love Neil Finn and Crowded House so I had this on my Ipod in a shot. I'm looking forwarded to listening to it over and over, maybe in the car on the way up to the lake...

2. Recently, someone (Sorry, I forget who ... Deb, maybe?) posted a blog entry about The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I put it on my library request list (I adore how my library lets me request books online) and it arrived yesterday. I started it at bedtime last night, and it's LOVELY. I want to read it slowly to savor the writing and the atmosphere but I want to zoom ahead to see what will happen. And best of all? It's a book about books and people who love books. I LOVE books about books... you know, like the Bookman's Wake and other Bookman novels by John Dunning, or the mystery series about book seller Dido Hoare by Marianne Macdonald. To whomever it was that posted about this book: THANK YOU! It's just what I was in the mood to read right now but didn't know I was in the mood to read until I started it.
3. Which reminds me that I'm about to receive the new novel by Stephen L. Carter, called New England White. I loved his previous novel Emperor of Ocean Park, which was a dense, cleverly plotted story about a law professor tracing his father's history and encountering mystery after mystery.
4. After last Christmas Eve's matching PJ's for the family was such a success, I decided that it'd similarly amusing for the whole crowd at Tahoe. So, thanks to, I've ordered matching pajamas for the entire crowd. I mean, there we are for most of a week, sitting around every evening to play games or chatter or read. Can you just picture a bunch of people doing that in matching pajama? Goofy, I know, but it amuses the heck out of me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find pajamas that ranged widely enough (ahem) to fit everyone from male and female kids to the matriarch of the family, so I had to resort to one style for the females and another style for the males. Close enough, and still sufficiently matchy to be ridiculous which is what I'm aiming for. Fortunately, this crowd has a pretty good sense of humor so I think it'll be a hit. I'll keep you posted.
Relaxation ahead...for you all, too, I hope!


  1. Diane, I used to be a die-hard Crowdies fan but I gotta tell you I was shocked and a little disappointed to hear they have a new album out (still in mourning for Paul Hester I suppose). Please let me know if it's any good, as I'm a little scared to buy it and find out for myself whether the magic is still there!

    Enjoy the lake visit :)

  2. Love the matching PJs idea! Thanks for the link.

  3. Photos! We want photos of all the peeps in the matching PJs!


  4. Thank you so much for the book recommendation - this sounds like my kind of thing :-) Have a great time at Lake Tahoe in your matching PJs - there will be photos, right? Great opportunity to take photos for your christmas cards too ;-)

  5. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I am expecting a photo of the whole gang in pj's. Have a great time.

  6. What a neat idea about the PJ's. Enjoy your vacation.

  7. I don't know if I was the one you're remembering or not, but I definitely mentioned "The Thirteenth Tale." It made my list of top 10 (or was it top 12?) favorite reads for 2006. I loved that book!