Monday, July 02, 2007

Independence Week

Doesn't this make you feel all summery?

It is 4th of July week, and we are preparing for a First Annual Block Party on our little street. It should be an interesting day. The event has been spearheaded by a neighbor who is determined to out-celebrate a street a few blocks over which has a Big Fancy Noisy Block Party every summer. Seems to me a silly thing to be competitive about, but we've agreed to do our bit. The weather is likely to be very hot, so my idea to have a snow cone machine might prove to be quite brilliant.

Meanwhile, I am working on a flurry of motions in two different DWI cases. So, when you're out there celebrating summer and fireworks and independence and all, don't drink and drive. Trust me, you don't want the hassle or the legal bills.

I'm thinking I'm going to make a big sign for our front yard (and for our republican, Bush-supporting next door neighbor) to go up on the 4th that says "Peace is Patriotic."


  1. Peace IS patriotic - make that sign !
    As a Court Clerk in our District Court I would second that advice - save money / save yourself - DO NOT drink and drive !

  2. Make the sign -- or one of my favorites the Franklin quote about trading safety for freedom.

    Have a great time at the block party!

  3. Make that sign AND post a picture of it!

    And that collage does indeed make me feel all summery - and homesick!

  4. You said it about the sign. I need one too!