Monday, January 30, 2006

10 Reasons Why...

...I have the best daughter in the world!

Caroline turned 10 on Saturday, and with all the fun and excitement I didn’t post this on her actual day! But in Caroline’s honor, I’m sharing this now to celebrate this happy and momentous event.

1. Caroline has a quick wit and loves word play. When she was 5, she announced, "I have a riddle, mom! Where do babies come from? Va-China, mom! Get it? Va-China?" (Caroline was born in China.

2. She's always willing to try new things. She even asked if she could try brussels sprouts! The fact that her friends don't like something won't deter her from trying it, either.

3. She doesn't go along with the crowd. She thinks independently and doesn't mind being different.

4. Caroline is very creative, in an original and inventive way. Okay, it frustrates me that she doesn’t want to follow directions and make something the way instructions show...But she always has a clever and interesting approach that is all her own.

5. She is very kind and loving with animals. When she sewed her first mini-quilt, she insisted that we bind it and give it to the animal shelter as a pad for a cat bed.

6. She wants to be helpful all the time. She happily fetched and carried for me when I was immobilized with a broken knee, and she even performed plays and dance routines for me, too.

7. She’s proud of being from China and interested in learning about China. She has enough stuffed pandas on her bed to have genuine Pandamonium!

8. She expresses delightfully interesting thoughts. When she was very small, maybe 3, she said to me while she gazed at Chen, her large stuffed panda, “Chen is very quiet, isn’t he?”

9. Caroline believes she can do anything, and I think she’s right.

10. Caroline is a happy cuddler and loves nothing more to sit snuggled up on the couch or bed to read, talk, or watch movies.

Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Oh– this fluffy demonic beast is Squeekers, the 4th grade classroom guinea pig. In honor of Caroline’s birthday, he came and spent the weekend with us. He provided much entertainment for Caroline and our two cats!


  1. She sounds like a wonderful, special, fun daughter, Diane.

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Caroline!

  2. You know how much we love Caroline. I think it is so cool that you share a zodiac sign!

  3. Happy Birthday to Beautiful Caroline and Beautiful Diane!

    She sounds like such a cutie, I love the quiet stuffed panda story and Va-China! How funny....

  4. Yes! Happy birthdays to both Caroline and Diane. What a wonderful list of good things. I'll be she could make a list about you too.
    Happy Day!

  5. Well, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Diane on 1/31!!!!


  6. Happy birthday to the entire female branch of this family!!

  7. What deightful are both lucky. Happy birthdays! Jen

  8. Popping back on to also say Happy Birthday to you, Diane! Hope you have a wonderful day, hopefully involving CAKE.

  9. Happy birthday to you and your amazing daughter. The Va-China riddle cracked me up. I hope my daughter is as wiytty and self assured as yours when she is 10.

  10. What a lovely list! I am also celebrating another year of your blog since I remember Caroline's party last year. That horse cake was a riot!