Friday, January 27, 2006

It's Bewitching

This was one of my very favorite TV shows when I was a kid. And a while ago, I started thinking that I'd love to share it with Caroline. At age 10 (in 2 days!), she's the perfect age for it. But I never managed to stumble onto it on Nick at Night or TV Land, and I'd forget about it.

Recently, I stumbled onto the whole first season on DVD, on sale even. I snapped it right up. And that very night, when Roger collapsed into bed suffering from the flu, Caroline and I snuggled on the couch after dinner and I introduced her to Samantha, Darrin, and Endora.

I so enjoyed watching the first episode that night...But what I enjoyed more was watching Caroline's face as she grinned and laughed and watched in amazement as Samantha twitched her nose and made magic happen. She cackles with glee when Gladys Kravitz gets confused and crazed.

So, each night, we've watched an episode together. And almost every night, I can't help myself from saying "This was my favorite show" or "I LOVED this as a kid." The first few times, Caroline said, in that budding-adolescent ennui-filled tone, "I KNOW, SAID that already." But lately, she's said "I love it too!"

We are having fun.

And I can't wait until she sees Uncle Arthur! And Dr. Bombay!


  1. I used to love introducing favorites to Kacy growing up....some she really liked, like I Love Lucy and Get Smart. She didn't find Hitchkocks "The Birds" scary at all, and was unimpressed with "Resevoir Dogs" ;D Just kidding.

  2. Oh Diane,I loved Bewitched too! How great that you are sharing it with Caroline. Jen

  3. I loved Bewitched! So much fun! Who didn't want to be Samantha?