Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Simple Quilts isn't so Simple

By now, many of you have heard that HGTV doesn't plan to make any more new episodes of Simply Quilts.

For those of us in the quilt world, this decision is surprising and disappointing. It seems like a stupid business move for HGTV, too. There are thousands of people who tune in to HGTV to watch Simply Quilts, and this move on the station's part suggests that they don't realize what a following the show has.

Many of us have learned a great deal from Simply Quilts. Even if we're proficient seamstresses or quilters or artists, we've picked up helpful tips and shortcuts. We've gotten to meet innovative quilt artists and teachers, and we've been able to see new and sometimes complicated techniques made easier and accessible through visible demonstration.

In recent years, we've been introduced to more art quilters and some delightful quilt challenge projects. I've been impressed at the variety of quilt topics addressed by the show, from traditional and historical quilt information to innovative techniques like creating fabric by free-motion quilting over fibers. We've seen sculptural quilting, wearable art, and toured international quilt festivals.

With the huge popularity of quilting and the amazing diversity of quilt styles and techniques going on, how is it possible that the producers can't come up with new shows, new artists to feature, and new quilts to show?

There are several ways to express yourself if you, like me, want to let HGTV know our interest in keeping Simply Quilts going. I'm not sure whether it'll make a difference, but if you've valued the show over the years, you can make yourself known and express your views.

There's an online petitions, which you can sign here.

Write the show's sponsors, which you can get by emailing

You can leave a comment on HGTV's message board here.

But here's what I think is the best idea, offered by Ami Simms:

"[A] good old-fashioned paper letter that arrives by mail will make the most impact.... [A]ddress your letter of protest to:

Simply Quilts-HGTV
Viewer Services
9721 Sherrill Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37932

It doesn't have to be long; a few sentences will do it. Speak from your heart. Ask them to reconsider. Can't find the right words? Try: I watch Simply Quilts. I want YOU to know and I want ALEX to know. Keep her on the air. Please send her this piece of fabric from me.

Include a 3” square of quilting fabric for Alex. Sign the patch with your name, city, and state with a permanent pen. Ink in a message to Alex if you like.


I especially like this idea because having some item to have to put aside and keep for Alex will get people's attention...and probably make Alex feel terrific.

I'm going to go send mine right now.


  1. This is a great idea. It was Simply Quilts that got me going down this road.

  2. Gosh. I had no idea that Simply Quilts was being withdrawn. The show is available in Australia on Pay TV but I do not have Pay TV so every time I am in America I make a point of watching the show. When I was in America over Christmas, there were several shows that inspired me to try different techniques so I am quite shocked at this news. I will definitely register my protest!

  3. Wendy Sikes4:23 AM

    I read your blogg daily, really enjoy it. I am a quilter near Boston, my thoughts on this, that we also contact the big book publishers C&T, That Patchwork Place, Bernina, the show sponsers, if we don't buy their products it may help our pressure push, along with Better Homes and Gardens I'm told that owns HGTV....