Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Night Oak

Gerrie's post today prodded me to get this small quilt done today. Our art group, the Pointless Sisters, is making an art quilt as a raffle quilt for our "parent" guild, and the idea is to have a scattering of Sonoma County themed post cards. So, we were given the task ... if we chose to accept it ... [hum Mission Impossible theme music here] ... of making a 12" x 18" quilted image of something local.

I wasn't going to do this, actually, thinking that I had enough other things to accomplish before Tuesday's meeting. But Gerrie's beautiful one shamed inspired me, and I figured that I could do this today. So, I did.

One of my favorite things about this area of Northern California is the sight of the stately old oak trees on the hills. And since I'm apparently in a silhouette-at-night sort of mood (hey! A series!) I thought I'd do this. It's simple, but I like it.

Here's a detail of the quilting.

The opportunity quilt committee (three of our art group members) will look at all of the options and choose an attractive assortment based on what works together. It'll be fun to see what folks did. Stay tuned!

And thanks, Gerrie, for the inspiration!


Dale Anne said...

Well, YOU have certainly given me inspiration for doing some silhouettes of my own!

I LOVE seeing the moon thru the trees while sitting on our front porch!


gerrie said...

Love it! glad I inspired you. Also love the snowy house although it gave me the chills!!

Brit said...


Deb R said...

It's really lovely, Diane! Yay you!!

Debra said...

This is simply beautiful!!! I love it. If the other "postcards" are as cool as this, the quilt will be a winner!!

Karoda said...

this is absolutely gorgeous! a calming and relaxing piece! love it!

Micki said...

very calming and inspiring.

teri springer said...

I'm glad Gerrie gave you a boot in the ass, uh, encouragement.....It's lovely.


Pat/SWquilter said...

Beautiful piece!!