Monday, January 03, 2005

On the Way to Getting Something Done

Ah ha! Monday, with the child of the house back to school! Seeing as how I've managed to lose the cd containing documents I need for my next work project (which thereby required me to grovel and ask kind secretary to make and send a second disk), I couldn't progress on the "real" work (ie, lawyer work). So, I decided that this state of affairs entitled me quilt! My goal: to make some progress on the unfinished Sylvia Einstein Double Wedding Ring Variation quilt, commenced last October.

I went upstairs, sorted through the bag containing the pieces I'd cut and the fabrics I'd sorted, and put a few pieces up onto the design wall.

Phone call. It's my sister, saying she's going to swing by to drop off a book and do I want to go for a walk around the neighborhood with her and her dog Libby? Hmm, exercise is a good idea. I agree, and off we go.

Back in my studio/office, well exercised, and ready to continue. Oops, the dryer is done. Remove laundry from dryer, load washer with next load.

Back to studio. The combination of fabrics I'd chosen, in an effort to have blocks with alternating backgrounds of aqua and pinky/melon, seems too jarring. Reposition pieces to try two different layouts, one with all aqua background, another with all pink background.

Phone call, again. It's the highway patrol, telling me that they were not able to find the guy who rear-ended me last Monday. (No injuries, just minor dent to bumper. BUT STILL, it really, really annoyed me when the guy drove away, and annoyed me even more that he ignored me as I followed him down the road, honking and gesturing like a Very Annoyed Woman.) The car was sold 2 months ago, the buyer didn't register it, and there's no one living at the address the buyer gave to the seller. Looks like it's an uninsure motorist claim. Sigh.

Back to the design wall. I decide that I like the effect of the mostly-aqua background and decide to try inserting some other aqua-ish fabrics into the background.

This requires digging through fabric to make more selections. And of course, then I need to cut more pieces.

Which requires the dang templates, which I'm sure I put in some Very Safe Place. I dig around my fabric closet and other places where I tend to hide important goodies, for 15 minutes before I find them.

Gee, it's lunch time! I stop to finish off the Oakville Grocery Chinese noodles left over from New Year's Eve, and peel a juicy tangerine from mom and dad's tree. Yum.

Back to the studio. I happily cut pieces for 45 minutes, until I realize that it's time to pick up Caroline from school. But wait, Roger says he'll go, and put gas in my car as well. Lovely man. Return to cutting pieces.

Phone call. It's Roger, down the street. My car has a flat tire. How did that happen? He's bringing my car back, he'll get Caroline in his car, and AAA will be along to change the tire. Sigh. I cut a few more pieces.

Doorbell. It's AAA. (Already? If I were waiting in the pouring rain on the side of the highway, would they be there in 3 minutes? Somehow I doubt it.) Mr. AAA and I trade paperwork and I watch as he changes the tire. Fascinating. Not.

I return to the studio. Have I cut pieces with enough variety to see whether I can get the effect I want? I start placing pieces on the wall...

Oops, Caroline's home from school. She wants a snack. She needs help with homework. She has a few more Christmas thank-you's to write (which requires constant hovering by the Mommy).

I consider my studio time ended, such as it was. No wonder I'm inching along so slowly. (But, I now provide handy visual aides so you can see how far along I am on my projects in progress! The wonders of Blogland!)

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  1. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Totally identified with placing MOST valuable items in Very SAFE Place. Note to self: make a list of all known & yet to be thought of SAFE places for items most needing Somewhere Where I'll FIND IT! treatment.
    Laurie in Maine
    (ANONYMOUS only as I'm too lazy to sign up/sign in for the placing of first ever blog comment :)