Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Don't look behind the curtain

You've probably noticed what I've been trying not to mention.

I've tried distracting you by posting photos of other people's quilts.

I tried posting nice photographs I've found online.

I've tried inserting lots of links in my text, so you'll go see colorful pictures in other places.

But you noticed anyway. I'm not posting any pictures, or words even, about my own art.

Fine, then. I'll just blurt it out. I'm not doing any. Can you tell I'm cranky about it?

At the moment, my office (which is one side of the small bedroom that holds my studio on the other side) is covered with piles of paper. They're on the floor, on every horizontal surface, even on my sewing chair. I'd take a picture, but I can't find the camera under all of this paper. They're stacked on the printer, so I have to move a pile somewhere else before I can print out another pile.

The cause? A bunch of back-to-back massive pleadings in the piece of litigation I'm working on. Normally, I love being the writer, researcher, and hunter-through-documents. I think it's the wanna-be-detective in me. But all this work, and all this paper, and these long hours's getting ridiculous. And tiresome.

And it's making me cranky.
Good think I can't find the camera right now! You don't want a picture of cranky.

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